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7 unbeatable tips for a better organic ranking of blog posts
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Improve the organic search engine ranking of post

If you currently have a content marketing campaign up and running, we can probably safely assume that you have already written a number of blog posts and published.

The key question is: do you also generate traffic? Even the most fantastic contribution is practically worthless if nobody shows interest in it. But what can one do if the readership actually fails?

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SEO on page: The key to optimizing your website
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The meaning of the acronym SEO sometimes seems closer to “Extremely Obscure Strategy ” than to “Search Engine Optimization”.

While this is not easy, there is a golden rule that has long been proven to ensure the success of your seo on page strategy: optimize your website for relevant target keywords.
By optimizing your site properly, you will attract better visitors, increase your conversion rates, and ultimately, you will get more customers.

Inbound Marketing: The importance of the funnel of conversion
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Many people don’t get enough of Vitamin D and B12 because these vitamins are not readily present in soil and food sources.


In inbound marketing, you cannot create a good strategy without taking into account the top, middle and bottom of the funnel. If you delete one of these parts, your plan will collapse because you cannot target leads in the same way if they are at different positions in the conversion funnel.

What is the funnel of conversion?

Entonnoir-conversion-complete inbound marketing is a very effective strategy if you understand the concept of the funnel conversion.


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